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Non Traditional Forms of Photography
Tamago and Hair 11x14
On exhibition June 19- July 14, 2001
curated by Sarah Morthland
@ Nexus Gallery
345 East 12th Street, NYC

ENTER Optiographs and Photograms

Copyright 2000 Nancy Meli Walker

Human communication can be a word, a phrase, a sound, a look, a book, a gesture, and a posture.
Abstraction being non-narrative has the advantage of triggering emotions randomly perhaps based
   on life experience but not necessarily.
Improvisation of a stroke while listening to sound generates an AudioVision.
Optical Fibers and light are one of the future methods of communication.
This body of work melds the human abstraction of emotion through improvisation, paper representing
   the past form of documentation and Optical Fibers in lieu of the future mode of communication.

During a fellowship for Photography at the Women's Studio Workshop a body of work using Optical Fibers to react with light sensitive photographic paper was developed.   Various diameter and amounts of Optical Fibers were constructed into flashlight brushes and used to expose the paper to create Optiographs.   The creation of this work mimics a blind person creating art. The light touches the paper and then is lost until the development process.   An exploration of sound, stroke of a brush and abstract image were inspired by rhythm, tone and melody. Optiographs are one of a kind a works; there are no additional prints. The work is available in sizes 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20.

Inspirational Music List
Walls of Sound
Harmund Plane: Three Translation Links
Shortwave Recording 8/1999
Experimenting With Household Chemicals
Unforseen Events
Sounding the New Violin
Echoes of the Forest
Shoe String Symphonettes
Music for Films
Ulrich Krieger
Jerry Hunt
Tibetan Temple Bells
Nancy Meli Walker
Li Chin Sung
Lois V. Vierk
Peter Zummo
David Behrman
Ikue Mori
David Weinstein
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Malcolm Goldstein
Music of the Central African Pygmies
Mark Ribot
John Zorn
Brian Eno